OKRs to boost customer acquisition

Tability Templates · Published about 1 year ago

In this template, you'll find a set of objectives and key results that are specifically designed to help your team focus on attracting and converting new customers for your business.

By setting clear and measurable goals, you can track your progress, hold yourself accountable, and ensure that your efforts are having the desired impact.

  • ObjectiveIncrease customer acquisition
  • Key ResultIncrease number of customer sign-ups by 30%
  • TaskDevelop content to engage potential customers.
  • TaskOffer incentives for customers to sign up.
  • TaskIncrease visibility of sign-up process on website.
  • TaskCreate an email marketing campaign to target potential customers.
  • Key ResultIncrease customer lifetime value by 20%
  • TaskCreate targeted email campaigns with personalized content.
  • TaskDevelop a loyalty program for existing customers.
  • TaskOffer special discounts and promotions to existing customers.
  • TaskIncrease customer service response times.

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