OKR template to craft an inspiring shared company mission, vision, and core values

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The OKR title, "Craft an inspiring shared company mission, vision, and core values," emphasizes the creation and communication of a strong, unified mission and company principles. The focus here is on framing these elements in an inspiring manner, aiming to foster intrinsic drive within the workforce.

The first objective underscores the importance of communicating the new mission and values across the entire workforce. Initiatives such as distributing written copies, arranging an informative staff meeting, and creating an engaging presentation aim to demystify and clearly share these values with every employee.

The second objective stresses the need to finalize the mission, vision, and core values in a documented format by the eighth week. The process involves drafting statements, revising and finalizing the documents, and gathering team feedback. This timeline ensures that progress is systematically tracked and measured.

The third objective advocates for the inclusion of key stakeholders in the ideation process. It calls for the conduct of 10 brainstorming sessions to include diverse perspectives and engage these stakeholders in shaping the company’s guiding principles. This not only enriches the final output but also guarantees stakeholder buy-in.
  • ObjectiveCraft an inspiring shared company mission, vision, and core values
  • Key ResultSuccessfully communicate new mission and values to 100% of the workforce
  • TaskDistribute written copies of the mission/values to all employees for reference
  • TaskArrange an all-staff meeting to announce and explain the new vision
  • TaskCreate a clear, engaging presentation outlining the mission and values
  • Key ResultDocument and finalize mission, vision, and core values by week 8
  • TaskDraft mission, vision, and core values statements
  • TaskRevise and finalize documents by week 8
  • TaskGather team feedback on drafts
  • Key ResultConduct 10 brainstorming sessions with key stakeholders for idea generation
  • TaskArrange suitable times for 10 brainstorming sessions
  • TaskPrepare materials needed for effective idea generation
  • TaskIdentify and contact key stakeholders for brainstorming sessions
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