OKR template to promote and cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace culture

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This OKR is focused on promoting and cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture in the workplace. The primary objective is the amplification of representation of underrepresented groups throughout all departments by a significant 10%, distinguished by assessing the changes in the workforce's demographic breakdown. This is expected to be achieved through a set of initiatives including mandatory diversity and inclusion training, revision of promotion policies to ensure equity, and developing recruitment strategies deliberately focused at underrepresented groups.

The next underpinning objective within the OKR seeks to execute a 90% participation rate in diversity and inclusion training. It is critical to articulate the importance of diversity training to encourage high participation rates. This is to be achieved through relevant initiatives such as developing a compelling case for the necessity of diversity training, setting and effectively communicating clear participation expectations to all employees, and promoting the training through impactful communication tactics.

The third target is to improve inclusivity scored by a 15% increase. This target will be measured through a quarterly employee engagement survey to quantify the impact of various initiatives. These initiatives are aimed towards increasing representation across all levels and departments, the institution of regular diversity and inclusivity training workshops, and fostering a culture that encourages open, transparent communication.

In essence, this OKR is set out to champion diversity and inclusivity through the increase of the representation of the underrepresented groups, implementation of diversity and inclusion training for all employees and improving inclusivity scored within the workplace.
  • ObjectivePromote and cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace culture
  • Key ResultIncrease the representation of underrepresented groups by 10% in all departments
  • TaskImplement mandatory diversity and inclusion training for staff
  • TaskRevise promotion policies to ensure equity
  • TaskDevelop recruitment strategies targeting underrepresented groups
  • Key ResultConduct and achieve a 90% participation rate in diversity and inclusion training
  • TaskDevelop a clear, compelling case for why diversity training is necessary
  • TaskSet and communicate clear participation expectations to all employees
  • TaskPromote the training through engaging communications
  • Key ResultImprove inclusivity score by 15% as measured in quarterly employee engagement survey
  • TaskIncrease representation across all levels & departments
  • TaskImplement regular diversity and inclusivity training workshops
  • TaskFoster an open, transparent communication culture
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