OKR template to foster inclusivity in the workplace

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This OKR centers around promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workforce. By committing to 100% inclusivity training for all employees, the organization aims to foster an understanding and inclusive mindset. The training program will cover diversity topics, evaluate its effectiveness through feedback, create a interactive engagement activities, and ensure all departments receive the needed training.

The organization further promotes diversity by developing mentorship programs, to aid in the career development of diverse employees. This involves identifying senior leaders as mentors, promoting mentorship opportunities, evaluating the program for improvements, and developing mentorship guidelines for consistency.

The OKR proposes to increase representation from underrepresented groups in the company workforce by 10%. It also aims at creating an anonymous feedback system which would allow employees to provide input into inclusivity efforts without fear of repercussions. This system would include researching a secure platform, promoting its use, continuously reviewing feedback, and creating guidelines for submissions.

The end goal is to stimulate a workplace culture that values diversity and sees it as its strength. The measures initiated in this OKR are tailored to reinforce those values and ensure their implementation uniformly across the company.
  • ObjectiveFoster inclusivity in the workplace
  • Key ResultConduct diversity and inclusion training for all employees
  • TaskDevelop an inclusive training program with modules covering diversity and inclusion topics
  • TaskEvaluate the effectiveness of the training through post-training surveys and feedback sessions
  • TaskCreate interactive activities and discussions to encourage employee engagement during the training
  • TaskSchedule and coordinate training sessions for all employees across different departments
  • Key ResultImplement mentorship programs to support career development for diverse employees
  • TaskIdentify senior leaders who can serve as mentors for diverse employees
  • TaskPromote mentorship opportunities and encourage employees to participate through internal communications
  • TaskEvaluate the success of the mentorship program and make necessary adjustments for continuous improvement
  • TaskDevelop mentorship guidelines and resources to ensure consistency and effectiveness
  • Key ResultIncrease representation of underrepresented groups in the workforce by 10%
  • Key ResultEstablish an anonymous feedback system to gather input on inclusivity efforts
  • TaskResearch and select a secure online platform for anonymous feedback collection
  • TaskPromote and communicate the anonymous feedback system across the organization
  • TaskRegularly review and analyze the received feedback to inform and improve inclusivity efforts
  • TaskCreate clear guidelines and instructions for submitting anonymous feedback
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