OKR template to increase visibility of our website using SEO practices

public-lib · Published 29 days ago

The OKR aims to heighten the visibility of a specific website through effective SEO practices. The main objective is to improve the site's natural traffic by 20% using SEO methods. To achieve this, the initiatives include the regular development and posting of keyword-optimized content, implementation of SEO-friendly metadata for all site pages, and creation of high-quality, germane backlinks.

The second goal of this OKR is to increase the backlink count by 15% from high quality, applicable sites. The initiatives designed to support this include identifying these high-quality sites that correspond to the site content, monitoring and tracking backlink progression regularly, and drafting bespoke outreach emails for the potential link opportunities.

Another objective of the OKR is to get a first-page ranking for at least 5 keywords targeted on Google. This can be achieved by implementing several initiatives such as producing keyword-optimized blog posts regularly, monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting the keyword strategies consistently, and applying SEO strategies to the target keywords on the website content.

Overall, the OKR strives to augment the website's visibility by employing efficient SEO techniques. The main goals are to enhance natural site traffic, upsurge the number of backlinks, and improve the site's ranking on Google's first page for target keywords.
  • ObjectiveIncrease visibility of our website using SEO practices
  • Key ResultImprove the site's organic traffic by 20% from SEO methods
  • TaskDevelop and post engaging, keyword-optimized content regularly
  • TaskImplement SEO-friendly metadata for all website pages
  • TaskBuild high-quality, relevant backlinks for the site
  • Key ResultIncrease backlink count by 15% with high quality, relevant sites
  • TaskIdentify high-quality sites relevant to our content
  • TaskMonitor and track backlink progress regularly
  • TaskDraft personalized outreach emails for link opportunities
  • Key ResultAchieve the first page ranking for 5 targeted keywords on Google
  • TaskConsistently produce quality, keyword-optimized blog posts
  • TaskRegularly monitor, analyze, and adjust keyword strategies
  • TaskImplement SEO strategies for target keywords on website content
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