OKR template to increase high-quality backlinks for improved domain authority

Tability Templates · Published 11 months ago

In order to improve our website's domain authority and enhance our online presence, we aim to increase the number of high-quality backlinks pointing to our website. By reaching out to relevant and authoritative sources and creating valuable content, we believe we can attract more backlinks that will strengthen our website's reputation and improve our search engine rankings. This OKR aligns with our overall goal of becoming a trusted resource in our industry and boosting our brand recognition.
  • ObjectiveBoost domain authority by acquiring high-quality backlinks
  • Key ResultSecure backlinks from at least 10 new high-authority websites
  • Key ResultAchieve 50% increase in referral traffic through link building efforts
  • Key ResultIncrease organic search traffic by 15% with new backlink acquisition
  • Key ResultMonitor and track domain authority improvement using reliable metrics
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