OKR template to amplify lead generation via social media platforms

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR focuses on boosting lead generation through social media platforms. Specifically, this involves enhancing targeting to achieve 15% more conversions from Facebook ads. Strategies include increasing advertising spend on the targeted demographic, tailoring ad content, and identifying demographics with high conversion rates.

The OKR also sets out to boost Instagram engagement by 25% via interactive content. This involves incorporating quizzes and polls in Instagram stories, hosting live sessions, and developing user-generated Instagram challenges. This strategy maximizes engagement and ensures an interactive relationship between the company and its followers.

Further, this OKR aims to increase LinkedIn followers by 30% to enhance professional visibility. The approach for this lies in cross-platform promotion of LinkedIn profile, publishing high-value content to attract new followers, as well as actively engaging with the followers by responding or liking their comments.

Overall, the OKR outlines a multifaceted approach to using social media for lead generation. Primarily, it emphasizes the use of targeted advertising and engaging content to attract and convert potential leads.
  • ObjectiveAmplify lead generation via social media platforms
  • Key ResultGenerate 15% more conversions through Facebook ads by improving targeting
  • TaskIncrease ad spend focused on targeted demographic
  • TaskTailor ad content to engage the identified demographic
  • TaskIdentify demographic with the highest conversion rate
  • Key ResultBoost Instagram engagement rate by 25% through interactive content
  • TaskIncorporate quizzes and polls in Instagram stories frequently
  • TaskRegularly host live Q&A or discussion sessions
  • TaskDevelop engaging, user-generated Instagram challenges
  • Key ResultIncrease LinkedIn followers by 30% to enhance professional exposure
  • TaskPromote LinkedIn profile across different social media platforms
  • TaskPublish high-value content regularly to attract new followers
  • TaskEngage with followers by responding or liking their comments
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