OKR template to raise Customer Score and Customer Engagement Rate

public-lib · Published 11 months ago

This OKR focuses on augmenting customer satisfaction and interaction. The primary objective revolves around boosting customer contentment and involvement. A significant target under this is reducing customer turnover by 15% via forward-thinking retention tactics. This will help not just in retaining existing customers but also attracting potential customers.

Creating a loyalty program is another key goal specified in the OKR. It aims for at least 20% customer registration within the program. This incentivized approach is expected to encourage customer loyalty, propelling engagement and repeat purchases.

The third aspect highlighted in the OKR is to improve the overall Customer Score by 5 points. This will be achieved via conducting regular post-purchase surveys. It will not only gauge customer satisfaction levels but also render valuable insights about product/service improvements.

The final outcome emphasizes heightening the customer engagement rate by 10% on social media channels monthly. It underscores the necessity of leveraging digital platforms for better customer reach and engagement, driving overall satisfaction levels upwards.
  • ObjectiveIncrease Customer Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Key ResultReduce customer churn rate by 15% through proactive retention strategies
  • Key ResultImplement and launch a loyalty program with a minimum of 20% customer enrollment
  • Key ResultIncrease overall Customer Score by 5 points through weekly post-purchase surveys
  • Key ResultAchieve a 10% increase in average monthly Customer Engagement Rate on social media platforms
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