OKR template to streamline HR processes through automation

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The OKR aims to streamline HR processes through automation. The primary objective is to reduce the turnaround time of HR tasks by introducing automated workflow systems. Initiatives for achieving this target include researching suitable automated systems, training the HR team to use these systems, and tracking improvements in task completion times.

The second outcome focuses on increasing employee self-service options to enhance efficiency and user experience. This will be done through the creation of tutorial materials, conducting periodic user experience surveys, and implementing a comprehensive digital HR platform for employee inquiries.

The implementation of an automated onboarding system to eliminate manual data entry forms the third outcome. This aim will be achieved by purchasing and installing selected onboarding software, coaching staff on system functionality, and researching the best automated onboarding systems in the market.

All these three outcomes share a common goal – automating HR processes to improve efficiency, speed, user experience, and reduce manual data entry labor.
  • ObjectiveStreamline HR processes through automation
  • Key ResultReduce turnaround time for HR tasks by implementing automated workflow systems
  • TaskResearch and select an appropriate automated workflow system for HR tasks
  • TaskTrain HR team to utilize new automated workflow systems
  • TaskTrack and measure task turn-around time improvements
  • Key ResultIncrease employee self-service options to improve efficiency and user experience
  • TaskDevelop tutorial materials for navigating self-service options
  • TaskConduct periodic user experience surveys to gather feedback
  • TaskImplement a comprehensive digital HR platform for employee inquiries
  • Key ResultImplement automated onboarding system to reduce manual data entry
  • TaskPurchase and install chosen onboarding software
  • TaskTrain staff on system functionality and utilization
  • TaskResearch best automated onboarding systems on market
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