OKR template to enhance the new hire pre-onboarding experience

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR aims to improve the pre-onboarding experience for new hires. To achieve this, automation is a priority, aiming to implement digital automation for at least 50% of the pre-onboarding process. This involves deploying automation processes, selecting an appropriate tool or platform, and identifying automatable processes.

The second objective seeks to decrease the time it takes to complete pre-onboarding tasks, aiming for a 25% reduction. The strategies to accomplish this include implementing an interactive checklist for new hires, automating paperwork using digital forms and signatures as well as streamlining the process by eliminating redundant steps.

As a third objective, the aim is to elevate the satisfaction rate among new hires post pre-onboarding to 90%. This objective will be met by regularly checking-in with recent hires, modifying the onboarding process based on their feedback, and introducing a mentorship program.

The overall endeavour is to create a more streamlined, efficient and satisfying experience for new hires during their pre-onboarding phase. This OKR foresees the use of new technology and automation along with personal follow-ups and mentorship programs to increase new hire satisfaction and efficiency.
  • ObjectiveEnhance the new hire pre-onboarding experience
  • Key ResultImplement digital automation for at least 50% of pre onboarding process
  • TaskDevelop and deploy the automation processes
  • TaskSelect appropriate digital automation tool or platform
  • TaskIdentify which pre-onboarding processes are automatable
  • Key ResultDecrease time to complete pre-onboarding tasks by 25%
  • TaskImplement an interactive onboarding checklist for new hires
  • TaskAutomate paperwork with digital forms and signatures
  • TaskStreamline pre-onboarding process by eliminating redundant steps
  • Key ResultIncrease new hire satisfaction rate post-pre onboarding to 90%
  • TaskSchedule regular check-ins with recent hires
  • TaskEnhance onboarding process based on feedback
  • TaskImplement mentorship program for all incoming hires
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