OKR template to increase test automation percentage to 80%

public-lib · Published 9 months ago

This OKR focuses on enhancing testing efficiency through automation, with the goal of reaching an 80% automation rate. In the first month, the aim is to roll out 60% of automation tests, which involves developing scripts, identifying key tests appropriate for automation, and implementing and validating the automated tests.

In the continuity of this process, improvements should not cease after reaching milestone. Rather, the team needs to strive for reaching 80% test automation by the end of the OKR period, a task that includes identifying vital functionalities requiring automated testing and regularly reviewing and troubleshooting test results.

As the process progresses, it's also essential to maintain adequate coverage of testing. The objective of the OKR is to achieve a 70% coverage using automation by the end of the second month. This coverage is ensured by strategic development, implementation, and regular reviews of automated testing strategies.

Finally, the availability of comprehensive automated test coverage guarantees more accurate results and a reliable system. Identifying areas lacking sufficient coverage and improving them will contribute to reaching the goal of an 80% automated testing environment.
  • ObjectiveIncrease test automation percentage to 80%
  • Key ResultImplement 60% of test automation by the end of the first month
  • TaskDevelop script for selected automated tests
  • TaskIdentify key tests suitable for automation
  • TaskImplement and validate the automated tests
  • Key ResultFinalize and establish 80% test automation by the end of the objective's period
  • TaskIdentify key functionalities requiring automated testing
  • TaskDevelop and implement desired automated tests
  • TaskReview and troubleshoot test results regularly
  • Key ResultImprove test coverage with automation to 70% by end of the second month
  • TaskDevelop and implement automated testing strategies
  • TaskConsistently review and adjust strategies to reach 70% coverage
  • TaskIdentify crucial areas lacking sufficient test coverage
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