OKR template to improve test coverage and automation for proactive debt remediation

Tability Templates · Published 10 months ago

In order to more efficiently handle debt remediation, it is crucial to improve test coverage and automation processes. By enhancing these areas, we can be proactive in identifying and resolving debt issues before they become major problems. This OKR seeks to increase the quality and effectiveness of our debt remediation efforts through testing and automation improvements.
  • ObjectiveIncrease test coverage and automation to enhance proactive debt remediation
  • Key ResultImplement end-to-end testing to validate entire debt remediation process
  • Key ResultAchieve 100% coverage for high-risk debt remediation scenarios
  • Key ResultReduce manual effort by 50% through automation of debt remediation tasks
  • Key ResultIncrease debt remediation efficacy by 25% through data-driven testing and analysis
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