OKR template to expand brand awareness through social media marketing and influencer collaborations

Tability Templates · Published 11 months ago

Our business objective is to enhance our brand recognition through social media marketing and influencer partnerships. By creating a comprehensive social media strategy and working with influencers who align with our brand vision, we hope to attract new audiences and increase engagement with our existing followers. We aim to establish ourselves as a leading brand in our industry while simultaneously building long-lasting relationships with our partners.
  • ObjectiveIncrease brand reach through social media and influencer partnerships
  • Key ResultIdentify and partner with 5 relevant influencers to promote our brand
  • Key ResultTrack success metrics, analyze the ROI, and optimize campaigns accordingly
  • Key ResultIncrease social media followers by 20% through targeted advertising campaigns
  • Key ResultGenerate 50% increase in social media engagement through compelling content
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