OKR template to establish Conditions for Fast Decision-Making Processes

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR aims to establish conditions for faster decision-making processes. The first objective is to implement a decision-making framework in at least three different departments. This involves identifying suitable departments, developing an appropriate framework, and training the heads of those departments in its use.

The second focus is to reduce the average time spent on decision-making by 20%. This reduction is to be achieved through three methods: implementing streamlined decision-making procedures, providing training sessions on efficient decision making, and adopting computerised decision support systems.

The third goal is to train three-quarters of all team leaders on the newly established decision-making framework. This requires identifying those leaders who need training, conducting and monitoring training to ensure an attendance rate of 75%, and creating a flexible schedule for the training sessions.

In summary, this OKR is designed to enhance efficiency in the decision making processes via framework implementation, procedures streamlining, and comprehensive training sessions, thereby speeding organisational responsiveness and competitiveness.
  • ObjectiveEstablish Conditions for Fast Decision-Making Processes
  • Key ResultImplement a decision-making framework in at least 3 departments
  • TaskIdentify 3 departments for framework installation
  • TaskDevelop a suitable decision-making framework
  • TaskTrain department heads on the new framework
  • Key ResultDecrease average decision-making time by 20%
  • TaskImplement streamlined decision-making procedures
  • TaskConduct training sessions on efficient decision making
  • TaskAdopt computerized decision support systems
  • Key ResultTrain 75% of team leaders on the new decision-making framework
  • TaskIdentify team leaders needing training on the new framework
  • TaskConduct and monitor training to ensure 75% participation
  • TaskDevelop a flexible schedule for training sessions
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