OKR template to optimize evergreen funnel to boost inbound discovery calls

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR is aimed at boosting the inbound discovery calls by 20% via optimization of the evergreen funnel. The initiatives include optimizing landing pages, enhanced content marketing, and updating SEO strategy. The focal point is to attract organic traffic and convert them into potential leads.

The second objective is reducing the bounce rates by 15% on funnel landing pages. This involves the creation of engaging and relevant content. The website's loading speed would be improved for a seamless user interface while making the site mobile-friendly, providing a better user experience.

The third objective is improving the click-through rate of call-to-action by 10% on funnel pages. Enhancements would be made to the page load speed to prevent drop-offs. Changes would also be made to the copywriting techniques to boost user engagement and visibility of call-to-action buttons would be increased.

Overall, these goals aim to increase the clients' interest and engagement on the website, therefore attracting more discovery calls. This will subsequently increase the conversion rate by improving user experience and content, and refining the SEO strategy.
  • ObjectiveOptimize evergreen funnel to boost inbound discovery calls
  • Key ResultIncrease inbound discovery calls by 20% through funnel optimization
  • TaskOptimize website landing pages to boost conversions
  • TaskEnhance content marketing to attract potential leads
  • TaskReview and update SEO strategy for improved organic traffic
  • Key ResultReduce bounce rates by 15% on funnel landing pages
  • TaskCreate engaging, relevant content on landing pages
  • TaskImprove website loading speed for seamless user experience
  • TaskOptimize website design for mobile users
  • Key ResultImprove call-to-action click-through rate by 10% on the funnel pages
  • TaskOptimize page load speed to prevent drop-offs
  • TaskAdjust copywriting techniques to improve user engagement
  • TaskRedesign call-to-action buttons for better visibility and clarity
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