OKR template to establish robust Master Data needs for TM

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The OKR relates to establishing a comprehensive understanding of Master Data needs specifically for TM. The prime objective is to identify and finalize the 10 most crucial components of TM's Master Data by the fourth week. Initiatives include researching key elements, compiling, categorizing by relevance, and finalizing a list.

The second outcome focuses on training 80% of the relevant team on handling that Master Data by the twelfth week. The progress of this objective would be monitored weekly with scheduled training sessions for identified team members starting by the sixth week.

The final outcome is to implement a system to uphold high-quality Master Data by the eighth week. This system would encompass designing a method for robust Master Data management, deploying and testing the system, and establishing quality standards to ensure data integrity.

This OKR emphasizes efficient data management and ensuring capable team members who know how to handle the data. Hence, it should improve the overall productivity and quality of data management for the TM team.
  • ObjectiveEstablish robust Master Data needs for TM
  • Key ResultIdentify 10 critical elements for TM's Master Data by Week 4
  • TaskResearch crucial components of TM's Master Data
  • TaskCompile and categorize data elements by relevance
  • TaskFinalize list of 10 critical elements by Week 4
  • Key ResultTrain 80% of the relevant team on handling the Master Data by Week 12
  • TaskIdentify the team members who need Master Data training
  • TaskMonitor and record training progress each week
  • TaskSchedule Master Data training sessions by Week 6
  • Key ResultImplement a system to maintain high-quality Master Data by Week 8
  • TaskDesign system for Master Data management by Week 5
  • TaskDeploy and test the system by Week 7
  • TaskEstablish Master Data quality standards by Week 2
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