OKR template to improve conversion rate by 20% with landing page optimization and A/B testing

Tability Templates · Published 12 months ago

To increase our customer acquisition and revenue, our focus is on improving the conversion rate of our landing pages. With the implementation of landing page optimization and A/B testing, our objective is to see a 20% increase in conversion rate. By testing different designs and elements, we'll gain valuable insights into what works best for our audience, allowing us to fine-tune the pages accordingly. By achieving this objective, we'll not only drive more revenue, but also enhance the overall customer experience.
  • ObjectiveIncrease website conversion rate with page optimization and testing
  • Key ResultCreate at least one new compelling CTA to test, resulting in 25% higher clicks
  • Key ResultIncrease page clarity with simplified copy, resulting in 15% higher engagement
  • Key ResultIncrease website traffic by 10% through targeted SEO and paid advertising
  • Key ResultImprove landing page load time by 10%
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