OKR template to successfully onboard an enterprise data catalog tool

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The given OKR is centered on the successful implementation of a new enterprise data catalog tool. The first objective includes a comprehensive selection process, comparing at least four potential solutions, with the end goal of choosing the most efficient one. Three M-priorities of this objective are identifying the viable solutions, comparing them, and finally selecting the preferred tool.

The second objective focuses on a seamless transition of 70% of eligible data to the new catalog tool. This necessitates steps ranging from identifying the data that can be migrated, transiting the data, and verifying whether the transition process was successful, including rectifying any potential issues.

Lastly, the OKR targets training programs for employees who need to use the new tool. Aiming at 90% training coverage, the objective outlines making a user-friendly and effective training program, executing the training plan, and overall progress tracking. This ensures the seamless adoption and utilization of the catalog tool by the concerned staff.

The need for successful onboarding of an enterprise data catalog tool emphasizes efficient tool selection, smooth transition process of data, and comprehensive training for the employees making it a strategic organizational drive towards boosting productivity and improving data management.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully onboard an enterprise data catalog tool
  • Key ResultComplete tool selection process by comparing at least 4 potential solutions
  • TaskFinalize and select the most efficient solution
  • TaskConduct a thorough comparison of the identified tools
  • TaskIdentify at least four potential tool solutions
  • Key ResultTransition 70% of eligible data to the new catalog tool
  • TaskIdentify eligible data for the new catalog tool transition
  • TaskInitiate migration process of 70% eligible data
  • TaskVerify successful transition and rectify any issues
  • Key ResultTrain 90% of relevant employees to correctly use the new tool
  • TaskImplement the training and track progress
  • TaskDevelop a simple, effective training program
  • TaskIdentify employees who need training on the new tool
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