OKR template to maximize pipeline generation from partner channels

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The OKR describes a strategy to amplify pipeline generation through partner channels. The main objective is to build and utilize partnerships for lead generation, aiming for 5 strategic new partnerships contributing to at least 20% of total leads. To achieve this, potential partners must be identified, approached, and negotiated with, and partner-based lead tactics have to be put into action and monitored.

The OKR also outlines the plan to implement two joint marketing campaigns to achieve a 30% upsurge in qualified leads. Performance measures for lead generation will be established, partners suitable for joint marketing campaigns identified, and unique joint-marketing strategies will be developed and employed to boost lead generation.

This particular OKR includes the plan to empower partner sales teams by providing full-fledged training on the product portfolio. This training will, hopefully, increase referral opportunities. To ensure this, mandatory sessions will be scheduled, participation will be tracked until completion, and a detailed module on product offering will be developed.

To sum up, this OKR focuses on leveraging partnerships to optimize pipeline generation. It outlines the process of securing new partnerships, launching joint marketing campaigns, and upskilling partner sales teams to augment referral chances, with clear measurable outcomes and supporting initiatives.
  • ObjectiveMaximize pipeline generation from partner channels
  • Key ResultSecure 5 new strategic partnerships delivering at least 20% of total leads
  • TaskIdentify potential partners in the industry
  • TaskApproach and negotiate partnership agreements
  • TaskImplement and monitor partner-driven lead generation tactics
  • Key ResultImplement 2 joint marketing campaigns resulting in 30% increase in qualified leads
  • TaskTrack and optimize campaign performance for lead generation
  • TaskIdentify suitable partners for joint marketing campaigns
  • TaskDevelop unique marketing strategies involving both companies
  • Key ResultTrain 100% of partner sales teams on product portfolio to boost referral opportunities
  • TaskSchedule mandatory training sessions for partner sales teams
  • TaskMonitor and track participation until 100% completion
  • TaskCreate a comprehensive training module on product portfolio
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