OKR template to establish thought leadership in the B2B software product industry

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The OKR titled "Establish thought leadership in the B2B software product industry" focuses on becoming an authority in the field of B2B software products. This will be achieved by increasing outreach via blog traffic, speaking engagements, and comprehensive whitepapers.

The target is to increase blog traffic by 30% through engaging topics and discussions. Initiatives include developing well-researched and engaging blog posts, identifying popular topics among target audiences, and promoting these posts on social media platforms. This strategy will help attract more traffic to the blog, hence increasing the company's online visibility.

Secondly, to secure three speaking engagements at industry-leading software conferences or webinars. This objective helps amplify the company's presence and establish its leading voice in the industry. The initiatives listed are preparing unique, engaging presentation materials, researching top conferences or webinars, and reaching out to event organizers about speaking opportunities.

The last objective under this OKR is the publication of four insightful whitepapers that address critical B2B software product needs and solutions. These whitepapers are expected to demonstrate the company’s knowledge and solutions to industry issues. The initiatives for this are identifying key issues facing B2B software products, researching potential solutions, and writing four comprehensive whitepapers.
  • ObjectiveEstablish thought leadership in the B2B software product industry
  • Key ResultIncrease blog traffic by 30% through engagement with relevant topics and discussion
  • TaskDevelop engaging, well-researched blog posts on these relevant topics
  • TaskIdentify popular topics among target audience for relevant blog content
  • TaskPromote posts and engage in discussions on various social media platforms
  • Key ResultSecure 3 speaking engagements at industry leading software conferences or webinars
  • TaskPrepare and finalize unique, engaging presentation materials
  • TaskIdentify and research top software conferences or webinars in the industry
  • TaskReach out to event organizers about speaking opportunities
  • Key ResultPublish 4 insightful whitepapers on critical B2B software product needs and solutions
  • TaskIdentify key issues facing B2B software products
  • TaskResearch potential solutions for these issues
  • TaskWrite and polish 4 comprehensive whitepapers
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