OKR template to implement transparency in project allocation for balanced workload per person

public-lib · Published 9 days ago

The OKR aims to create transparency in the process of project allocation, leading to a balanced workload for each team member. Efforts will focus on discovering and implementing strategies to balance the workload effectively, the results of which need to be visible by week 9.

Further, it is planned to decrease overload complaints through regular surveys by 15% for the entire team by the end of the quarter. Surveys will be distributed, workloads will be reduced, and existing overload complaints will be examined to pinpoint the major issues in prior processes.

The OKR also entails designing a comprehensive project-tracking dashboard to offer real-time visibility into the workforce workload expected to be operational by week 6. This will be accomplished by identifying key metrics, developing and testing the functionalities, and outlining the design elements of the dashboard.

Upon successful implementation of this OKR, team members' project allocation will be transparent, workloads will be balanced, overload complaints will drop, and a dashboard will provide instant visibility into team workload.
  • ObjectiveImplement transparency in project allocation for balanced workload per person
  • Key ResultIdentify and implement workload balancing strategies for all team members by week 9
  • TaskEvaluate current workload distribution among team members
  • TaskImplement chosen strategies by week 9
  • TaskIdentify effective workload balancing strategies
  • Key ResultAchieve a 15% decrease in overload complaints through surveys by the end of quarter
  • TaskDistribute regular surveys to gauge progress
  • TaskImplement strategies to reduce workload
  • TaskEvaluate existing data on overload complaints
  • Key ResultDesign a project-tracking dashboard for instant visibility into team's workload by week 6
  • TaskIdentify key data points needed for tracking workload
  • TaskDevelop and test dashboard functionalities
  • TaskSketch dashboard layout and design elements
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