OKR template to successfully migrate on-prem applications to cloud setup

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This OKR focuses on successfully migrating on-premise applications to a cloud setup. The initial objective involves a trial migration of at least two applications, ensuring the preservation of their functionality. To this end, the team will identify suitable applications, execute their incremental migration, then verify the results.

The second objective entails identifying and prioritizing 70% of on-premise applications for migration. This process requires assessing the migration impact and feasibility of each application and subsequently arranging them in a priority list. The goal is to concentrate migration efforts where they will have the most substantial impact.

The final objective is to execute full migration for the prioritized applications, maintaining seamless operation throughout. The initiatives to fulfill this include designing and executing a comprehensive migration plan, ensuring the appropriate setup for a smooth transition, and rigorous tests to verify the efficacy of the migration process.

Through this OKR, the company aims to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, such as cost-effectiveness, scalability, and increased productivity, by migrating its on-premise applications without any operational disruptions.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully migrate on-prem applications to cloud setup
  • Key ResultPerform successful trial migration for at least 2 applications without compromising functionality
  • TaskIdentify two applications suitable for migration testing
  • TaskPerform incremental migration while ensuring functionality
  • TaskVerify the successful migration and performance
  • Key ResultIdentify and prioritize 70% of on-prem applications for migration by comparing impact and feasibility
  • TaskEvaluate each application's migration impact and feasibility
  • TaskList existing on-prem applications for review
  • TaskPrioritize 70% of applications based on evaluation results
  • Key ResultAchieve full migration with zero downtime for the prioritized list of applications
  • TaskTest and implement the migration plan effectively
  • TaskEnsure proper setup for seamless transition without downtime
  • TaskCreate a detailed migration plan for priority applications
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