OKR template to acquire the company award for exceptional teamwork

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The overall objective of this key objective is to secure the company award for exceptional teamwork. This would be accomplished by enhancing overall team output by 35% in comparison to previous quarter's productivity. Initiatives to accomplish this increase include improving project management strategies, conducting weekly reviews and feedback sessions, and augmenting the frequency of training and skill development sessions.

Another important aim is to successfully handle a collaborative project engaging at least four different company departments. To ensure seamless collaboration, regular communication between teams will be encouraged. Significant utilization of project management tools will be prompted to aid coordination. Regular cross-departmental meetings would be established to discuss project purposes and ensure collective understanding and buy-in.

The focus will also be centered on bi-weekly team-building activities to result in higher engagement scores. Analyzing outcomes to continuously improve team-building practices, applying methods to evaluate engagement during activities, and outlining an agenda for varied bi-weekly team-building activities are all actions that will be undertaken to achieve this.

The key focus is geared towards overall team enhancement, both in performance and engagement. The use of improved project management strategies, regular performance reviews, increased training, and cross-departmental collaborations are all strategies to be applied in achieving the award for exceptional teamwork.
  • ObjectiveAcquire the company award for exceptional teamwork
  • Key ResultImprove overall team performance by 35% compared to last quarter's productivity
  • TaskEnhance project management strategies
  • TaskImplement weekly performance review and feedback sessions
  • TaskIncrease training and skill development sessions
  • Key ResultLead a collaborative project successfully involving at least four different departments
  • TaskEncourage regular communication among teams
  • TaskImplement project management tools for coordination
  • TaskArrange cross-departmental meetings to discuss project goals
  • Key ResultConduct bi-weekly team-building activities resulting in higher engagement scores
  • TaskAnalyze results to continually enhance team-building approaches
  • TaskImplement measures to evaluate engagement during activities
  • TaskOutline and schedule varied bi-weekly team-building activities
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