OKR template to enhance understanding of business requirements

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The OKR here is targeting the enhancement of understanding business requirements. The first objective is to complete three online courses about business requirements analysis and documentation. The action steps include identifying suitable courses, registration, and diligent completion of course materials and exams.

The second objective is to perform five informational interviews per month with people from different departments. Steps include identifying potential interviewees, planning and scheduling the interviews, conducting them, and properly documenting the discussions.

The final objective relies on creating a checklist that will ensure comprehensive business requirement gathering within a two-week period. This involves drafting the checklist, identifying key stakeholders for requirement gathering, and establishing essential business needs and objectives.

In short, this OKR addresses the development of comprehensive skills in business requirement understanding through upskilling, cross-departmental interviews, and designing a requirement checklist.
  • ObjectiveEnhance understanding of business requirements
  • Key ResultComplete 3 online courses about business requirements analysis and documentation
  • TaskDiligently complete all course materials and assessments
  • TaskIdentify suitable online courses in business requirements analysis
  • TaskRegister for three chosen online courses
  • Key ResultConduct 5 cross-departmental informational interviews per month
  • TaskConduct and document the informational interviews
  • TaskIdentify five potential interviewees across various departments
  • TaskSchedule and plan the interviews
  • Key ResultCreate checklist for comprehensive business requirement gathering in 2 weeks
  • TaskDesign draft of business requirement checklist
  • TaskIdentify key stakeholders for business requirement gathering
  • TaskEstablish critical business needs and objectives
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