OKRs examples for Leadership

Formulating strong OKRs can be a complex endeavor, particularly for first-timers. Prioritizing outcomes over projects is crucial when developing your plans.

We've tailored a list of OKRs examples for Leadership to help you. You can look at any of the templates below to get some inspiration for your own goals.

If you want to learn more about the framework, you can read more about the meaning of OKRs online.

How to use these templates?

Quarterly OKRs should have weekly updates to get all the benefits from the framework.

We recommend using a spreadsheet for your first OKRs cycle. You'll need to get familiar with the scoring and tracking first. Then, you can scale your OKRs process by using a proper OKRs-tracking tool for it.

We recommend Tability for an easy way to set and track OKRs with your team.

Check out the 5 best OKR tracking templates to find the best way to monitor progress during the quarter.

Leadership OKRs templates

You'll find below a list of Objectives and Key Results for Leadership.

OKRs to seek and secure a leadership role within the company

  • ObjectiveSeek and secure a leadership role within the company
  • Key ResultObtain cross-functional training in at least two other departments
  • TaskIdentify two departments to receive cross-functional training in
  • TaskRequest cross-functional training approval from respective department heads
  • TaskBegin scheduled training sessions with selected departments
  • Key ResultImplement a feedback system for continuous learning and leadership growth
  • TaskIdentify key performance indicators for leadership qualities
  • TaskEducate leaders on interpreting and applying feedback
  • TaskDesign a system for regular performance feedback
  • Key ResultLead a high-impact project related to key business objectives
  • TaskIdentify key business objectives and project alignment
  • TaskDevelop, execute and monitor a high-impact project plan
  • TaskAssemble a high-performing, cross-functional team
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OKRs to improve leadership skills

  • ObjectiveBecome a more effective leader
  • Key ResultGet better at running 1:1s with the team
  • TaskDevelop a plan for regular team check-ins
  • TaskPractice active listening techniques
  • TaskHold virtual meetings with clear agendas
  • TaskEstablish a team feedback system
  • Key ResultDelegate 20% of current responsibilities to the team
  • Key ResultComplete 4h of training on communication and collaboration
  • TaskRead at least 2 books on leadership theories and concepts
  • TaskAttend a workshop or seminar on leadership
  • TaskParticipate in a leadership development program
  • TaskResearch and analyze successful leadership examples

OKRs to improve executive productivity and support

  • ObjectiveImprove executive productivity and support
  • Key ResultStreamline and automate administrative tasks, resulting in a 20% reduction in the time spent on administrative work.
  • Key Result2x executive's availability for strategic work by implementing a more efficient scheduling system
  • Key ResultCoordinate 25 internal and external meetings to increase the executive's visibility and presence

OKRs to become a better manager

  • ObjectiveBecome a better manager
  • Key ResultEstablish clear expectations and communication protocols for team members
  • Key ResultDevelop a deeper understanding of team dynamics and individual strengths
  • Key ResultFacilitate constructive feedback and open communication among team members
  • TaskCreate a system for team members to provide feedback to each other.
  • TaskEncourage team members to openly discuss their ideas and opinions.
  • TaskEstablish ground rules for providing constructive feedback.
  • TaskSchedule periodic team meetings to discuss feedback and open communication.
  • Key ResultFoster an environment of trust, collaboration, and transparency
  • TaskEstablish a clear code of conduct.
  • TaskCreate opportunities for team members to share ideas.
  • TaskReward collaboration and team efforts.
  • TaskEncourage open communication and dialogue.

Need more OKR examples?

Option 1: Use AI to generate OKRs

Try our OKRs generator, or use a goal-setting AI to generate great OKRs for you based on a description of your objectives.

Option 2: Check out other examples

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OKRs resources

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