OKRs to keep a long-running project on track

Tability Templates · Published 12 months ago

This plan divides the OKRs between measurable and non-measurable outcomes. The big issues when a project takes time to ship is that you may not be able to track impact before the following quarter.

The solution is to track both confidence on the work being done, and leading indicators of success.

  • ObjectiveThe ACH Payment project is on track for next quarter
  • Key ResultWe have achieve our 4 main development milestones
  • TaskMilestone 1: UX Design completed
  • TaskMilestone 4: We have enrolled 10 beta customers on ACH
  • TaskMilestone 2: Backend API is functional and tested
  • TaskMilestone 3: ACH payment is wired to the UI (internal)
  • Key ResultWe have completed 25 transactions on the internal beta
  • Key ResultWe have completed 20 UX testing sessions

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