OKR template to implement automation for processing work intake forms

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR focuses on automating the process of work intake forms. The primary objective is to fully implement and train relevant employees on this automated system. This involves identifying employees, developing detailed training, and conducting troubleshooting sessions.

Another key objective is to finalize the tool selection for the automation process. This entails evaluating three potential options, consulting team preferences and feasibilities, and making the final choice based on evaluations and feedback.

The third objective is to design and test the automation process on 50% of the intake forms successfully. This involves identifying which intake forms are ideal for automation followed by the development, implementation, and rigorous testing of those selected forms.

Ultimately, this OKR seeks to streamline the work intake process through automation, making it more efficient and potentially reducing errors. The benefits of achieving this objective extend to the relevant employees who will be trained to use this new system and the entire business operations.
  • ObjectiveImplement automation for processing work intake forms
  • Key ResultTrain 100% of relevant employees on use and troubleshooting of automated system
  • TaskIdentify all employees using the automated system
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive training for system usage
  • TaskSchedule and conduct troubleshooting sessions
  • Key ResultFinalize tool selection for automation process by validating three possible options
  • TaskMake final selection based on evaluations and team feedback
  • TaskConsult team for tool preferences and feasibility
  • TaskEvaluate features and capabilities of three automation tools
  • Key ResultDesign and test the automation process on 50% of intake forms successfully
  • TaskDevelop and implement automation processes for selected forms
  • TaskConduct thorough testing to confirm successful automation
  • TaskIdentify which intake forms are ideal for automation
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