OKR template to enhance IT service delivery with 30% faster response time

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In order to provide a faster and more efficient IT service, our objective is to enhance our service delivery by reducing our response time by 30%. This will not only improve productivity and overall customer satisfaction, but also increase our ability to take on new projects and ensure that all IT issues are resolved in a timely manner. By achieving this objective, we are confident in our ability to face future challenges and maintain our reputation as a reliable and efficient team.
  • ObjectiveImprove IT service delivery response time
  • Key ResultImplement automation to decrease time spent on common IT tasks by 50%
  • TaskIdentify common IT tasks that can be automated
  • TaskResearch and select appropriate automation tools/software
  • TaskDevelop and test automation scripts for identified IT tasks
  • TaskImplement automation and monitor progress for effectiveness
  • Key ResultReduce average response time to IT tickets by 30%
  • TaskImplement automated ticket routing based on issue type and urgency level
  • TaskProvide ongoing training for IT staff on efficient ticket resolution strategies
  • TaskRegularly review and optimize ticket resolution processes based on performance metrics
  • TaskEstablish a priority system based on business impact
  • Key ResultTrain IT staff on new tools and processes to improve efficiency by 20%
  • Key ResultIncrease the percentage of resolved tickets within SLA by 25%
  • TaskImprove ticket routing and escalation procedures
  • TaskIncrease training and support for agents
  • TaskReview and update SLA benchmarks regularly
  • TaskStreamline communication channels with customers
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