OKR template to establish a recognised presence on Twitter

public-lib · Published 23 days ago

The given OKR is focused on establishing a solid presence on Twitter by achieving certain milestones. The first objective is to gain 1000 new followers, which will be accomplished by daily strategic engagement with popular tweets. This will involve promoting responses to attract new followers and identifying and responding to popular industry-related tweets.

The second objective is about creating and publishing 200 original and compelling tweets to track user engagement through likes and retweets. This calls for consistent analysis of engagement levels to refine the tweeting strategy, and daily monitoring of likes and retweets to measure the effectiveness of the tweeted content.

The third objective aims at boosting the profile's visibility on Twitter by actively connecting and interacting with 50 influential users of the platform. To achieve this, one would need to follow these influencers and engage with their posts regularly. The target influencers need to be identified carefully, ensuring they are relevant to the niche the profile caters to.

The final part of the third objective involves the creation and sharing of content designed to grab the attention of these influential users. By doing this, there's an increased chance to be noticed, thus leading to possible engagement from the influential users which further enhances the profile’s visibility.
  • ObjectiveEstablish a recognised presence on Twitter
  • Key ResultGain 1000 followers by implementing strategic daily interaction with popular tweets
  • TaskConsistently promote your responses to attract new followers
  • TaskIdentify popular tweets relevant to your industry daily
  • TaskEngage with those tweets through insightful responses
  • Key ResultPost 200 engaging, original tweets, tracking likes and retweets for engagement
  • TaskAnalyze engagement levels to refine tweeting strategy
  • TaskCraft and post 200 original, captivating tweets
  • TaskMonitor likes and retweets daily
  • Key ResultImprove profile visibility by connecting and interacting with 50 influential Twitter users
  • TaskBegin actively following and engaging with their posts
  • TaskIdentify 50 influential Twitter users related to your niche
  • TaskCreate and share content that will attract their attention
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