OKR template to finalize and launch our product

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The OKR titled "Finalize and launch our product" has three distinct objectives. First, it aims at securing two clients' pre-orders for the new product before its launch. This will be achieved through contact initiation with potential clients, developing an engaging sales pitch and identification of high-value clients for outreach.

The second objective is to assemble a dedicated team for product finishing tasks, thereby ensuring a streamlined working process. This will be achieved through task delegation, formulation of a communication system, and the identification of individuals with required skills for the product finishing.

The third objective is to ensure that at least 96% of the product's testing is completed by the next quarter. The initiative is to create a detailed testing schedule and assign responsible team members. To ensure optimal performance, corrective actions will be implemented promptly, and regular check-ins will be conducted to monitor progress.

The ultimate goal of these objectives and their respective initiatives is to ensure that the new product is processed, tested, and ready for launch. The completion percentage for each initiative provides a helpful barometer for measuring success.
  • ObjectiveFinalize and launch our product
  • Key ResultSecure two client pre-orders for the new product before launch
  • TaskInitiate contact and secure pre-orders
  • TaskDevelop an enticing pre-order sales pitch for the new product
  • TaskIdentify two potential high-value clients for outreach
  • Key ResultAssemble dedicated project team for streamlined product finishing tasks
  • TaskDelegate specific tasks within the project to each team member
  • TaskFormulate a communication and collaboration system for the team
  • TaskIdentify individuals with necessary skills for product finishing
  • Key ResultAchieve at least 96% completion of the product's testing by next quarter
  • TaskCreate a detailed testing schedule and assign responsible team members
  • TaskImplement any necessary corrective actions promptly
  • TaskConduct regular check-ins to monitor testing progress
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