OKR template to obtain position as Director of Product

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The OKR outlined seeks a progression to a Director of Product role. Key components of this goal are acquiring a product management certification and leading a successful product launch with a cross-functional team. The metrics used to measure progress are expressed as percentages, indicating a binary completion status for each objective.

Obtaining a product management certification involves enrollment in a suitable certification program, successfully completing the requisite coursework and examination, and researching the most suitable program. In this way, the goal involves an emphasis on both individual career development and the acquisition of industry-standard knowledge.

The success of the product launch involves teamwork and leadership skills. This objective involves assembling a cross-functional team from various departments, developing a comprehensive product launch strategy, and overseeing the launch plan's execution. The focus here is on driving team success through effective leadership and strategic thinking.

Finally, positive feedback from peers and superiors is considered crucial. The candidate aims to earn respect through decisive decision-making, showcasing a strong product knowledge regularly, and seeking active feedback after leading product meetings or presentations. This signifies a focus on influential communication, leadership skills, and a willingness to improve continuously.
  • ObjectiveObtain position as Director of Product
  • Key ResultObtain certification in product management
  • TaskEnroll in chosen certification program
  • TaskSuccessfully complete coursework and examination
  • TaskResearch suitable product management certification programs
  • Key ResultLead cross-functional team in successful product launch
  • TaskAssemble cross-functional team from various departments
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive product launch strategy
  • TaskOversee and guide execution of launch plan
  • Key ResultReceive positive feedback from peers and superiors on product leadership skills
  • TaskEarn respect through optimistic and decisive decision-making
  • TaskDevelop and showcase strong product knowledge regularly
  • TaskActively gather feedback after leading product meetings or presentations
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