OKR template to enhance Quality and Usability of my API

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

This OKR aims to enhance the quality and usability of an API. Firstly, the objective is to enhance the API's response time by 20%. This will be achieved by implementing efficient algorithms and data structures, optimizing the existing code, and upgrading server hardware for better processing speed.

Secondly, the aim is to reduce the API error rate by 25%. This will involve increasing unit tests to capture potential errors, reviewing and optimizing the current error handling approach, and setting up API monitoring tools for real-time tracking.

Thirdly, a goal is set to implement 100% of the planned new API features and endpoints. The initiatives for this include releasing and documenting all new API functions, developing and testing all new features and endpoints, as well as reviewing the design of the proposed new ones.

The overall objective of this OKR is to improve the response time, reduce the error rate, and implement planned new features to provide an efficient, robust, and user-friendly API.
  • ObjectiveEnhance Quality and Usability of my API
  • Key ResultIncrease API response time by 20%
  • TaskImplement efficient and faster algorithms and data structures
  • TaskEvaluate and optimize the existing code for better performance
  • TaskUpgrade server hardware to improve processing speed
  • Key ResultReduce API error rate by 25%
  • TaskIncrease unit tests to capture potential API errors
  • TaskReview and optimize existing API error handling
  • TaskImplement API monitoring tools for real-time tracking
  • Key ResultImplement 100% of planned new API functions and endpoints
  • TaskRelease and document all new API functions
  • TaskDevelop and test all new API functions and endpoints
  • TaskReview the design of planned new API functions and endpoints
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