OKR template to implement runtime configurability of features

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The primary Objective of this OKR is to implement the runtime configurability of different software features. This means allowing features to be altered or toggled on/off during the runtime of the software. It involves reconfiguring systems whilst they are still functioning without requiring shutdown or restarts.

The first Key Result aims at training 90% of the team members on configuring features at runtime. This involves scheduling training sessions, identifying the team members who need training, and developing comprehensive training materials and exercises. Training will result in more efficient usage of configurable features.

The second Key Result focuses on developing a functioning prototype for a new configurable environment by the end of week 6. Action steps include creating initial prototypes based on design specifications, testing and refining them for viable usage and developing the basic designs themselves.

The third Key Result is centered on testing and implementing 75% of identified features for runtime configurability. This involves implementation and verification of tested features, review and listing of identified features and designing strategies for testing selected features.
  • ObjectiveImplement runtime configurability of features
  • Key ResultTrain 90% of the team on configuring features at runtime to ensure efficient usage
  • TaskSchedule and conduct requisite training sessions
  • TaskIdentify team members needing training in runtime configuration
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive training materials and exercises
  • Key ResultDevelop a viable prototype for a configurable environment by end of week 6
  • TaskConstruct initial prototype based on design specs
  • TaskTest and refine the prototype for viable usage
  • TaskCreate basic design specifications for the configurable environment
  • Key ResultTest and implement 75% of identified features for run time configurability
  • TaskImplement and verify tested features
  • TaskReview and list identified features for runtime configurability
  • TaskDevelop strategies for testing selected features
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