OKR template to successfully launch 20 e-services online

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The targeted OKR aims to successfully launch 20 e-services online. The first objective focuses on undertaking a pilot test for five of the e-services, with an aim to launch them without any bugs based on feedback and modifications. This involves fixing identified problems, gathering a focus group for pilot testing feedback, and developing beta versions for testing.

The second objective involves finalizing operational plans for ten e-services within two months. This includes reviewing and updating draft plans, approving and finalizing the plans, and assigning responsibilities for the services' implementation and management.

The third objective is centered around achieving 90% user satisfaction on the initial ten deployed e-services. The initiatives to achieve this objective involves providing effective and prompt customer support, implementing user feedback surveys frequently, and improving the design of the e-services for better usability.

In summary, this OKR intends to launch 20 e-services successfully through pre-launch testing, operational planning, and customer satisfaction optimization.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully launch 20 e-services online
  • Key ResultSuccessfully pilot test 5 e-services leading to a bug-free launch
  • TaskFix identified issues following feedback for a bug-free launch
  • TaskGather a targeted focus group for pilot testing feedback
  • TaskDevelop beta versions of all 5 e-services for testing purposes
  • Key ResultFinalize operational plans for 10 e-services by end of month 2
  • TaskReview and update draft plans for all 10 e-services
  • TaskApprove and finalize all e-service operational plans
  • TaskAssign responsibilities for service implementation and management
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% user satisfaction rate on the first 10 e-services deployed
  • TaskProvide effective and quick customer support
  • TaskImplement frequent user feedback surveys on e-services
  • TaskImprove e-service interface design for increased usability
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