OKR template to allocate resources to refactor high-priority tech debt

Tability Templates · Published 11 months ago

In order to improve the stability and scalability of our technology infrastructure, we need to prioritize refactoring high-priority tech debt. As part of this OKR, we will allocate appropriate resources to tackle these technical challenges head on, with the ultimate goal of making our systems more efficient, resilient, and reliable for our users. By addressing this debt in a deliberate and targeted manner, we will be able to devote more time to product innovation and strategic growth in the long run.
  • ObjectiveReduce technical debt by allocating resources effectively
  • Key ResultImplement best practices to avoid future high-priority tech debt accumulation
  • Key ResultAchieve a reduction in high-priority tech debt items by 25%
  • Key ResultEstablish a clear plan for refactoring high-priority tech debt items
  • Key ResultPrioritize high-priority tech debt items for resource allocation
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