OKR template to boost LinkedIn follower base by 20%

public-lib · Published 25 days ago

This OKR aims to boost LinkedIn followers by 20%. One strategy is to collaborate with five influential LinkedIn professionals to increase visibility. This includes identifying relevant industry influencers, engaging with their content, and inviting them to collaborate.

Another objective is increasing the frequency of LinkedIn posts to five times per week. To achieve this, assign content creation tasks to team members, develop a content calendar with diverse posts, and analyze engagement to adjust strategy.

The third objective focuses on implementing two follower acquisition campaigns, monthly. Steps involve creating engaging content, monitoring and analyzing results, and conceptualizing the target audience and campaign message.

In overall, the OKR concentrates on expanding the LinkedIn followers and enhancing the visibility of the profile through regular, engaging posts and strategic collaborations.
  • ObjectiveBoost LinkedIn follower base by 20%
  • Key ResultCollaborate with five influential LinkedIn professionals to expand network visibility
  • TaskIdentify five influential LinkedIn professionals related to your industry
  • TaskConnect and engage with them by commenting on or liking their posts
  • TaskSend personalized invitations to collaborate or start a project
  • Key ResultIncrease LinkedIn post frequency to five times per week for better engagement
  • TaskAssign content creation tasks to team members
  • TaskDevelop a weekly content calendar outlining five diverse posts
  • TaskAnalyze engagement and adjust strategy accordingly
  • Key ResultDesign and implement two monthly follower acquisition campaigns to attract new followers
  • TaskCreate corresponding high engaging contents
  • TaskMonitor and analyze the results regularly
  • TaskConceptualize target audience and campaign message
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