OKR template to implement an effective smart workplace management system

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The OKR leans towards implementing an effective smart workplace management system. It aims to identify and select the best among five analyzed options. The objectives break down into dissecting features, reviews, and pricing of the listed systems while considering business needs for final selection.

The second objective of the OKR is to train the entire workforce to competently employ the new system in daily operations. This will involve organizing comprehensive training sessions, implementing strategies that encourage daily application of system knowledge, and providing regular follow-up training for continuous workforce development.

Furthermore, the OKR outlines procuring the selected system and ensuring completion of installation in 80% of the workplace areas. It guides towards the purchase and setup of the chosen system across different work territories while scheduling installations in various work zones.

Ultimately, the OKR provides a structured plan for not only identifying the appropriate smart workplace management system, but also training staff and implementing the system satisfactorily. The system will modernize operations, improve productivity and streamline processes.
  • ObjectiveImplement an effective smart workplace management system
  • Key ResultIdentify and select a suitable smart workplace management system by analyzing 5 potential options
  • TaskMake final selection based on analysis and business needs
  • TaskAnalyze features, reviews, and pricing of each system
  • TaskResearch and list five potential smart workplace management systems
  • Key ResultTrain 100% of workforce to effectively utilize the new management system for daily operations
  • TaskImplement strategies for workforce to apply system knowledge daily
  • TaskOrganize comprehensive training sessions about the new management system
  • TaskProvide regular follow-up training for continual workforce development
  • Key ResultProcure the selected system and complete installation in 80% of the workplace areas
  • TaskSchedule installation in various work zones
  • TaskPurchase the selected system for implementation
  • TaskEnsure setup in 80% of designated areas
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