OKR template to identify and assess new growth opportunities

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The 'Identify and assess new growth opportunities' OKR aims to determine new viable areas for business expansion through comprehensive research and analysis. Through thorough feasibility studies, the intention is to identify and evaluate potential opportunities before pursuing them. These include assessments of viability based on the outcomes of the research made.

Further, research will be conducted to identify ten new potential market areas for the business to expand itself into. The potential expansion opportunities will be pinpointed by analyzing various sectors and industries, which can potentially succeed in the business objectives. Detailed market research will be conducted in the ten conceivable areas.

Furthermore, it envisages the creation of five comprehensive business proposals for promising opportunities to help ensure the successful attainment of the company's objectives. These proposals will then have to be developed and comprehensive presentations prepared to showcase these opportunities.

Finally, the KR focuses on identifying five promising opportunities to be proposed. This indicates targeted growth aspirations ensuring that all growth opportunities are scrutinized and only the best are selected to maximize chances of successful expansion.
  • ObjectiveIdentify and assess new growth opportunities
  • Key ResultConduct detailed feasibility studies for identified opportunities to determine viability
  • TaskEvaluate viability based on research outcomes
  • TaskIdentify opportunities for feasibility study
  • TaskPerform detailed review of business prospects
  • Key ResultResearch and pinpoint 10 potential new market areas for business expansion
  • TaskAnalyse findings to determine viability for business expansion
  • TaskIdentify sectors and industries where our business can potentially expand
  • TaskConduct detailed market research on the 10 identified areas
  • Key ResultDevelop and present 5 comprehensive business proposals for promising opportunities
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive proposals for each opportunity
  • TaskPrepare presentations for each business proposal
  • TaskIdentify 5 promising business opportunities for proposal
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