OKR template to build and launch our minimum viable product (MVP)

public-lib · Published 27 days ago

The OKR titled "Build and launch our minimum viable product (MVP)" aims to secure the MVP's launch with all targeted early adopters signed up. It seeks to achieve this through the implementation of a sign-up mechanism, the development of a focused marketing strategy, and ensuring the MVP meets the needs of the early adopters.

The OKR also emphasizes the necessity of completing the MVP's development by completing all assigned programming tasks. The initiatives here include prioritizing and organizing tasks by their complexity, dedicating daily work hours to these tasks, and regularly reviewing and testing the code for quality assurance.

An additional objective involves conducting three iterative tests of the MVP, with a target of resolving 100% of identified bugs. The initiatives include performing the tests, analyzing the data to identify and resolve all bugs, and developing a thorough plan for MVP testing for bug detection.

Overall, this OKR sets rigorous objectives and clear initiatives to guide the development and launch of the MVP. It focuses on securing early adopter sign-ups, ensuring the product's completion through specific programming tasks, and carrying out thorough tests to resolve bugs.
  • ObjectiveBuild and launch our minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Key ResultSecure MVP launch with 100% of targeted early adopters signed up
  • TaskImplement sign-up mechanism and secure all early adopter registrations
  • TaskDevelop a marketing strategy focused on targeted early adopters for the MVP
  • TaskFinalize MVP, ensuring it meets the needs of the targeted early adopters
  • Key ResultComplete MVP development by achieving 100% of assigned programming tasks
  • TaskPrioritize and organize assigned programming tasks by their complexity
  • TaskDevote dedicated daily hours to working on these assigned tasks
  • TaskRegularly review and test code to ensure quality and functionality
  • Key ResultConduct 3 iterative tests for MVP targeting 100% bug resolution
  • TaskExecute three iterative tests of MVP
  • TaskAnalyze testing data, identify and resolve all bugs
  • TaskDevelop test plan for MVP with goals of identifying bugs
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