OKR template to scale product offering with multi-tenant apps

public-lib · Published 9 months ago

The OKR aims to diversify the product offering by launching three new multi-tenant applications. Key initiatives include identifying potential markets for app development, strategizing a marketing plan, and assembling a project team. These steps will facilitate successful app creation and launch, contributing to the overall objective.

The second key outcome is increasing customer base through the use of these apps by 25%. Initiatives like implementing referral programs, launching marketing campaigns, and developing apps targeting untapped audience segments will incentivize users to try out the new multi-tenant apps, thereby growing the user base.

The third outcome is focused on improving the usage rate of these applications by 20%. To achieve this, the plan includes implementing user-friendly guided tours within the apps, providing prompt customer support and efficient problem resolution, and launching campaigns that highlight the app benefits.

Overall, the OKR focuses on expanding and diversifying product offerings through multi-tenant applications, increasing customer base by a quarter, and boosting app usage rates by a fifth. All these are aimed at enhancing business reach and customer satisfaction levels.
  • ObjectiveScale product offering with multi-tenant apps
  • Key ResultLaunch 3 new multi-tenant apps to diversify our offer
  • TaskIdentify potential markets for multi-tenant app development
  • TaskStrategize a marketing plan for newly developed apps
  • TaskAssemble a dedicated project team for app creation
  • Key ResultIncrease customer base using multi-tenant apps by 25%
  • TaskImplement referral programs to incentivize app sharing
  • TaskLaunch marketing campaigns to promote new multi-tenant apps
  • TaskDevelop multi-tenant apps targeting untapped audience segments
  • Key ResultImprove the usage rate of multi-tenant apps by 20%
  • TaskImplement user-friendly guided tours within the app
  • TaskProvide timely support and efficient problem resolution
  • TaskLaunch marketing campaigns highlighting app benefits
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