OKR template to deploy Productiv SaaS for optimal application management

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The OKR focuses on deploying the Productiv SaaS for optimal application management. The first objective entails the training of 90% of IT staff to efficiently use Productiv SaaS application management tools. This will be achieved through the development of a comprehensive training program, scheduling & conducting training sessions, and identifying key features of the Productiv SaaS for training material.

The second objective is about identifying and onboarding all necessary applications into the Productiv SaaS within a quarter. To attain this, a gradual onboarding phase will be implemented for each application, all necessary applications will be catalogued for full Productiv SaaS integration, and the team will be trained on the Productiv SaaS onboarding process.

The third objective is targeting the reduction of shadow IT instances by 50% using Productiv management tools. The initiatives set to reach this goal encompass: monitoring and evaluating the reduction in shadow IT instances, implementing Productiv management tools across all IT systems, and conducting training on Productiv for all IT staff.

Overall, this OKR is designed to optimize application management by deploying and maximizing the use of Productiv management tools, while achieving a significant reduction in shadow IT instances.
  • ObjectiveDeploy Productiv SaaS for optimal application management
  • Key ResultTrain 90% of IT staff efficiently on Productiv SaaS application management tools
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive, effective training program
  • TaskSchedule and conduct training sessions for IT staff
  • TaskIdentify key features of Productiv SaaS for training material
  • Key ResultIdentify and onboard 100% of necessary applications into Productiv SaaS within a quarter
  • TaskImplement gradual onboarding phase for each application
  • TaskCatalog all necessary applications for full Productiv SaaS integration
  • TaskTrain team on Productiv SaaS onboarding process
  • Key ResultReduce shadow IT instances by 50% using Productiv management tools
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate reduction in shadow IT instances
  • TaskImplement Productiv management tools across all IT systems
  • TaskConduct training on Productiv for all IT staff
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