OKR template to seamless integration and deployment of Productiv SaaS application

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The main goal outlines in the OKR is to integrate and deploy the Productiv SaaS application in a seamless manner. This OKR implies the use of a Productiv app to help identify and reduce instances of shadow IT in the company by a significant 25%. Shadow IT refers to any software or application that the company is not aware of, hence creating security risk.

The second objective is to validate that Productiv SaaS is compatible with the organization’s systems within a one-week timeframe. This suggests ensuring that the SaaS application is fully functional and harmonious with the current systems. The undertakings include conducting a small-scale test, identifying the system's requirements and analyzing the test results.

Another aim in this OKR is to train a significant 90% of the IT team on how to manage the new SaaS application effectively. This indicates the need for adequate training to ensure that the IT team is proficient in using and managing the SaaS application. The initiatives here are dedicated to identifying the key features for focus, developing a comprehensive training program, and monitoring/evaluating the progress.

The last objective of this OKR focuses on utilizing the Productiv app for IT management analysis. It involves a sequence of initiatives that culminate to the use of a technological solution (Productiv app) to manage and monitor stealth IT, ensuring overall system efficiency.
  • ObjectiveSeamless integration and deployment of Productiv SaaS application
  • Key ResultIdentify and reduce shadow IT instances by 25% using the Productiv app
  • TaskAssemble team to identify current shadow IT instances
  • TaskEstablish plan to reduce shadow IT by 25%
  • TaskUtilize Productiv app for IT management analysis
  • Key ResultValidate Productiv SaaS's compatibility with our systems by the end of week 1
  • TaskExecute a small-scale compatibility test using Productiv SaaS
  • TaskIdentify our system's requirements and Productiv SaaS's specifications
  • TaskAnalyze test results and articulate findings
  • Key ResultSuccessfully train 90% of the IT team on managing the Productiv SaaS application
  • TaskIdentify key features in the Productiv SaaS application for training focus
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive training program for IT team members
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate training progress and effectiveness
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