OKR template to improve effectiveness of vendor management as a recruiter

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The OKR aims to improve effectiveness of vendor management as a recruiter. One objective is to reduce vendor-related issues by 30%, initiating better communication with vendors, regular monitoring and assessing of their performances, and developing an effective vendor selection process.

Another objective focuses on improving the satisfaction rate of vendors with an increased rate of 15%. It targets development of a vendor appreciation scheme, evaluating and improving the current vendor management procedures, and implementing regular feedback sessions with vendors to ensure improvements.

Additionally, the OKR's focus is to increase the number of dependable vendors. It seeks to achieve this by researching and identifying potential, reputable industry vendors, negotiating contracts and onboarding qualified vendors, and initiating contact and vetting new vendors for reliability.

In summary, the OKR is all about improving recruitment through effective vendor management. The target is to reduce vendor-related issues, increase satisfaction rate of the vendors, and increase the quantity of trustworthy vendors.
  • ObjectiveImprove effectiveness of vendor management as a recruiter
  • Key ResultDecrease vendor-related issues by 30%
  • TaskFoster better communication with vendors
  • TaskMonitor and assess vendor performance regularly
  • TaskImplement a more effective vendor selection process
  • Key ResultImprove satisfaction rate in regular vendor surveys by 15%
  • TaskDevelop a vendor appreciation scheme
  • TaskEvaluate and improve current vendor management procedures
  • TaskImplement regular feedback sessions with vendors
  • Key ResultIncrease number of reliable vendors by 20%
  • TaskResearch and identify potential, reputable industry vendors
  • TaskNegotiate contracts and onboard qualified vendors
  • TaskInitiate contact and vet new vendors for reliability
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