OKR template to successfully orchestrate an engaging food street event

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The objective focuses on a successful orchestration of an engaging food street event. There are several key results aimed at achieving it. The first key result targets 500 attendees by utilizing various tools like social media channels, compelling agendas and personalized invitations.

The second key result focuses on positive feedback of 90% from the event’s participants. To achieve this, a responsive and effective communication system needs to be developed. Regular training sessions for staff members and continuous improvement based on the survey results should be implemented.

The third key result demands for at least 20 food vendors for the event. The process of achieving this includes initiating contact with potential vendors, discussing the opportunities, and finalizing agreements. Identification of potential vendors in the local area is also a part of this key result.

In essence, the key objectives revolve around a successful event concerning attendee attraction, participant feedback, and securing food vendors. Initiatives are made in areas such as social media advertising, agenda formation, audience targeting, communication development, staff training, and vendor negotiation.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully orchestrate an engaging food street event
  • Key ResultAttract at least 500 attendees
  • TaskUtilize social media channels for widespread promotion of the event
  • TaskDevelop a compelling event agenda to attract potential attendees
  • TaskSend out personalized invitation emails to targeted audience groups
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% positive participant feedback
  • TaskDevelop a responsive and effective communication system
  • TaskImplement comprehensive, regular training programs for staff members
  • TaskEvaluate and enhance participant experience based on surveys
  • Key ResultSecure a minimum of 20 food vendors
  • TaskInitiate contact and discuss vending opportunities
  • TaskFinalize agreements with at least 20 vendors
  • TaskIdentify potential food vendors in the local area
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