OKR template to refresh and modernize 70% of CC page designs

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The objective of this OKR is to refresh and modernize 70% of the CC page designs on a particular platform. To measure the progress, a system of outcomes and initiatives has been outlined. The first measurement of success is based on achieving 90% positive feedback from user interface and user experience tests on updated pages.

The second outcome to be monitored is to review and identify design weaknesses in current designs of 80% of CC pages by week 4. Identified weaknesses may help enhance the design during the redesign process. Other essential initiatives include the immediate review of current CC page designs and identifying the weak points during the review.

The last dimension is the execution part, which is to revamp and update 50% of the identified pages by week 8. Initiatives supporting this include reviewing and approving all updates by week 8, identifying necessary updates for select CC pages, and assigning specific revamping tasks to team members.

This OKR is a comprehensive plan covering evaluation, planning, and execution stages for refreshing and modernizing the CC page designs. The set goals call for diligence, quick response, and efficient strategies to achieve all targets and initiatives in due time.
  • ObjectiveRefresh and modernize 70% of CC page designs
  • Key ResultTest user interface and user experience of the updated pages, aiming for 90% positive feedback
  • TaskGather and analyze user feedback
  • TaskReview changes and updates on website pages
  • TaskConduct user experience/interface test
  • Key ResultReview and identify weak points in current designs 80% of CC pages by week 4
  • TaskComplete review of 80% of CC pages by week 4
  • TaskBegin reviewing current CC page designs immediately
  • TaskIdentify weak points in designs during review
  • Key ResultRevamp and update 50% of the identified CC pages by week 8
  • TaskReview and approve all updates by week 8
  • TaskIdentify critical updates needed for select CC pages
  • TaskAssign tasks to team members for revamping
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