OKR template to enhance design skills and output

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This OKR aims towards advancing someone's design abilities and their produced work. The main goal is to finish three higher-level design courses with a minimum final score of 85%. The initiatives to get there include finding and completing said courses and achieving this score in each.

Next is all about creating. The objective is to make twelve groundbreaking design projects that meet a 90% client satisfaction. The plan involves understanding the client’s needs, creating unique and novel designs out of this, and integrating client feedback making revisions till approved.

Another objective to meet is a 20% reduction in the design process time, without sacrificing its quality. The strategy is to train the team in rapid prototyping strategies, using efficient design tools and software, and creating a linear and transparent design work process.

Summing up, this OKR sets paths for self-improvement in design skills, the innovative creation of high-quality designs satisfying clients, and incorporating an efficient work process saving time without compromising quality.
  • ObjectiveEnhance design skills and output
  • Key ResultComplete 3 advanced design skill training courses with a final score of 85%
  • TaskAchieve a final score of 85% in each course
  • TaskResearch and select 3 advanced design skill training courses
  • TaskAttend and complete all course material thoroughly
  • Key ResultProduce 12 innovative design projects meeting client satisfaction levels of 90%
  • TaskGather client requirements and preferences for each design project
  • TaskDevelop unique and innovative design concepts based on client needs
  • TaskIncorporate client feedback into final design revisions for approval
  • Key ResultReduce design process time by 20% while maintaining quality metrics
  • TaskTrain team in rapid prototyping techniques
  • TaskImplement efficient design software and tools
  • TaskEstablish clear, streamlined design workflow
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