OKR template to increase installs from Atlassian Marketplace

public-lib · Published 21 days ago

This OKR aims to increase the number of installations from the Atlassian Marketplace. It seeks to achieve a 15% conversion rate of page visits to app installs. Steps to achieve this include enhancing app visibility using keyword optimization, providing discounts as incentives for app installs, and improving the user's experience to ensure seamless app installation.

To further boost visibility, a 20% increase in marketing campaigns is also targeted under this OKR. Aides to achieve this increase include the allocation of additional resources for an expanded campaign effort, the execution, monitoring, and adjustment of the new marketing strategy, and developing a new plan that demands a 20% increase in the current marketing campaigns.

This OKR also sets the bar high as it aims to improve the app rating to 4.5 stars. Measures to be taken towards this improvement include an upgrade in the response time and quality of customer support services, encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, and regularly updating the app to fix bugs and improve performance.

By employing this OKR, the company is set to not only enhance visibility and increase installs but also improve the rating to attract more users. The approach involves a three-pronged strategy that targets app visibility, marketing campaign expansion, and app quality improvement.
  • ObjectiveIncrease installs from Atlassian Marketplace
  • Key ResultAchieve a 15% conversion rate of Marketplace page visits to app installs
  • TaskEnhance app visibility with keyword optimization and appealing descriptions
  • TaskImplement incentives like discounts for app installs
  • TaskImprove user experience for seamless app installation
  • Key ResultIncrease monthly marketing campaigns by 20% to boost visibility
  • TaskAllocate additional resources for expanded campaign efforts
  • TaskImplement, monitor and adjust the new marketing strategy
  • TaskDevelop a 20% increase plan for current marketing campaigns
  • Key ResultImprove app rating to 4.5 stars via enhanced user support and app updates
  • TaskImprove response time and quality of customer support services
  • TaskAsk satisfied customers to leave positive reviews
  • TaskRegularly update app to fix bugs and improve performance
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