OKR template to streamline and enhance the performance management system

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This OKR is focused on refining and boosting the efficacy of the performance management system. The key objective is training managers on the revamped system, aspiring for a whopping 90% implementation accuracy. Initiatives towards accomplishing this include organizing systematic training sessions for managers, creating an assessment method to gauge the accuracy of implementation, and extending additional help to those falling short of the 90% accuracy threshold.

Another significant objective is featuring the revised system structure, accomplished by engaging 75% of department heads. The action plan involved in realizing this includes outlining the proposed changes for review by department heads, assimilating their feedback to finalize the system structure, and receiving feedback from a substantial number of department heads.

Furthermore, enhancing the employee satisfaction rate with the performance management system is a crucial aim. The target is to enhance it by a minimum of 20%. To achieve this, initiatives like providing continuous training improvement opportunities, implementing system modifications based on received feedback, and conducting surveys to identify dissatisfaction areas within the existing system are put forth.

This strategy thus aims to create an enhanced, streamlined performance management system by actively involving team members in training and development processes and adapting the system to user feedback for improved satisfaction.
  • ObjectiveStreamline and enhance the performance management system
  • Key ResultTrain all managers on the new system, achieving 90% implementation accuracy
  • TaskSchedule training sessions for all managers on the new system
  • TaskDevelop assessment method to gauge implementation accuracy
  • TaskProvide additional training for those below 90% accuracy
  • Key ResultDevelop and finalize the revised system structure by engaging 75% of department heads
  • TaskOutline proposed system changes for department heads review
  • TaskIncorporate feedback and finalize system structure
  • TaskGather feedback from 75% of department heads
  • Key ResultImprove employee satisfaction rate with the system by at least 20%
  • TaskProvide continuous user training improvement opportunities
  • TaskImplement system updates based on survey feedback
  • TaskConduct a survey to identify current system dissatisfaction areas
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