OKR template to accelerate process efficiency by achieving 80% test automation

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The OKR (objective and key result) targets an 80% acceleration in process efficiency by improving test automation. A vital component of this objective includes developing and fully implementing two new tools for automation. Attention will be concentrated on researching tools that are business relevant and training the team for their usage and maintenance.

An increase in test automation coverage by 20% is also considered crucial to achieving the main objective. This involves devising and incorporating additional automation tests, evaluating progress regularly, and spotting areas where automation is lacking or ineffective.

Another critical key outcome focuses on the reduction of manual testing time by 30%. This will necessitate training staff in effective testing methods, using automated tools for routine tasks, and prioritizing test cases based on their relevance and importance.

All of the above initiatives will essentially contribute towards meeting the overarching goal of accelerating process efficiency by achieving 80% test automation. This comprehensive OKR combines workforce training, effective tool usage, and strategic planning to enhance overall efficiency.
  • ObjectiveAccelerate process efficiency by achieving 80% test automation
  • Key ResultDevelop and implement two new automation tools
  • TaskResearch potential automation tools relevant to business needs
  • TaskTrain team on tool usage and proceed with implementation
  • TaskBuild and beta test two selected automation tools
  • Key ResultIncrease current test automation coverage by 20%
  • TaskDevelop and implement additional automation tests
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate progress regularly
  • TaskIdentify areas where test automation is currently lacking
  • Key ResultReduce manual testing time by 30%
  • TaskTrain staff in efficient, effective testing strategies
  • TaskImplement automated testing tools for repeated tasks
  • TaskPrioritize test cases based on importance
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