OKR template to successfully execute comprehensive testing procedures

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The aim of this OKR is to ensure comprehensive and effective execution of testing procedures. This entails an increase in testing efficiency by 30% through a thorough review of the existing processes and the implementation of automation. This automation is intended to simplify and expedite testing procedures.

The OKR also demands the identification and documentation of all test case failures and issues. An issue log must be maintained for tracking purposes. All test case failures identified should be documented and analysed in depth to identify any potential faults and failures.

Furthermore, it's expected to complete 15 test cases per week with a success rate of 95%. Swift corrective actions should be taken on any failed test cases. Setting aside regular time slots to work on at least 3 test cases is a recommended strategy.

To meet these objectives, all test case results must be reviewed daily. This routine check will help in promptly identifying any errors. This end-to-end process of careful execution, tracking, review, and correction forms the crux of this OKR.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully execute comprehensive testing procedures
  • Key ResultImprove testing efficiency by 30% through process review and automation
  • TaskImplement automation tools to streamline testing procedures
  • TaskIdentify areas for potential automation in tests
  • TaskConduct comprehensive review of existing testing processes
  • Key ResultIdentify and document 100% of test case failures and issues
  • TaskDevelop and maintain an issue log for tracking
  • TaskDocument every identified test case failure
  • TaskReview test results to identify failures and issues
  • Key ResultComplete 15 test cases per week with 95% success rate
  • TaskConduct corrective actions immediately on failed test cases
  • TaskAllocate daily time slots to work on at least 3 test cases
  • TaskReview all test case results daily to identify errors
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